Intellichlor IC40 Flow Switch Replacement Question


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May 7, 2011
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Troubleshooting my Pentair IC40 SWG which has constant RED NO FLOW light. Acid cleaning didn't help and there wasn't much buildup anyway. Began to think the flow switch was bad. Found a thread elsewhere that said to short the RED and BLACK wires going to the IC40 to confirm flow switch is bad. Did this and got a GREEN FLOW light. I believe this proves the flow switch is bad. I have a new one on order and it looks simple to replace.

My question is, does anyone know if I can keep the RED/BLACK wires shorted until I receive and install the new flow/temp sensor? I'm thinking this would tell the IC40 to "make chlorine" and I probably wouldn't want to be making chlorine when the pump is in the off cycle right? How about if I run the pump 24/7 with the wires shorted until it get the new switch? Seems like this would be ok but don't want to screw up anything. Thanks to any SWG experts out there who can take the time to weigh in!


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May 3, 2014
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Does sound like you have a bad switch.

Is your IC40 wired such that it is powered down when the pump is off? That is critical. The flow switch is a SECONDARY safety device. You should never rely on your flow switch to be the primary safety device.

I would not bypass this critical safety shutoff. Use bleach for the few days until you get your new flow switch. This time of year it will not take that much.

I have had a flow switch fail but it was the temperature sensing part. You might take the SWCG off and be sure nothing is inhibiting your flow switch from working.

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Jul 7, 2014
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If your cell has any lights on, when the pump is off, then your cell is not wired correctly... and needs to be fixed...

That said, I can't see a real danger in shorting the two wires and running the pump 24/7 until the switch is replaced.

The key being to not forget and turn the pump off with the cell still having power..

Do you have a standalone cell or do you have an automation system, like the EasyTouch???


Jim R.