Installing Swimpure 40k- easy?


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Jun 21, 2010
is it easy to install the swimpure 40k system? is it hard to work with PVC piping? I heard you shouldn't have too many elbow connections? if so, why? thanks.


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May 7, 2007
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Installing a SWG is fairly easy if you have any DIY experience. PVC is fairly easy to work with. As with most things, plan and measure carefully and things will go well.

Elbows introduce flow resistance, which lowers the efficiency of the system. Adding one or two is not a big deal, but adding quite a few elbows starts to have a significant effect.

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Jun 22, 2009
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It depends on your definition of easy. Working with PVC pipe is easy if you're handy. The reference to too many elbows has to do with flow restrictions. If you have an excessive amount of elows it restricts the flow through the cell.


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Jul 28, 2008
Yep installing my CPSC took just a few mins. Took longer to dig the hole that the control unit was mounted to then it did to plumb in the actual cell.

But as mentioned - please, please measure it twice before cutting. Once cut DRY FIT EVERYTHING first before gluing!! Also don't forget to turn off the pump and close your valves so water does leak out of your lines before you cut.


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