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Jul 24, 2015
New to these forums. Hello to everyone. I have an indoor pool which my father put in 12 years ago as a fitness pool for my now deceased mother. He has since moved from his country home on our farm to a small town near here. I have moved into the house and landscaped the pool area in a tropical theme. I have overhead fluorescent lighting which are not dimmable, although I can turn on 4 at a time. There are 8. I would like to find a hanging globe type light to drop from the ceiling and be able to put maybe an orange or reddish bulb in to give a moon effect. Sometime at night I don't want the 4 lights on as it is plenty bright. I thought a hanging globe light would not only be not very bright being the only one in the room, but also give a neat look of the moon shining in the room. If I can find one i thought I'd wire it for 2 bulbs on separate circuits, with an orange bulb in one, a reddish bulb in the other. Then I could turn on either one depending on what I wanted. Can someone direct me to a source for a hanging globe fixture or I am open to any other ideas/suggestions. Thanks



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