In ground pop up heads


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Oct 9, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
I have 20+ year old Shatsta pool w/in ground pop-ups. I do not feel thay work well. Is it possible to bypass the pop-ups and attach a vacuum cleaner (like a Barracuda G4) and if so, how?


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May 7, 2007
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It is almost always possible to bypass an in floor cleaner though it depends on how your system is plumbed. Hopefully you have a regular return, in addition to the pop-ups. Adding a Barracuda G4 is simple enough once you turn the pop-ups off, just follow the regular directions that come with it.

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Mar 28, 2007
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waste said:
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I am a little reluctant to advise someone to abandon a system which has ~ 20 +/- holes in the floor with no good way to plug them :( However, if you would tell us how many regular (wall) returns you have and what suction ports you have (skimmer(s) MD (there ought be a MD!), perhaps a designated vac port - I may be able to come up with something - also what are the pump and filter sizes and styles? What may be happening is that the screen/ filter inside your actuator valve is clogged and/ or the springs on the pop ups have deteriorated. I'm certified to work on Caretaker 99 systems, now Polaris, but I think they all work the same. If you'd let us know a little more about the setup of your pool and system, we'll work out what good advise we can proffer {-for Dave :p ;) -}

I'm here almost daily and will keep my 'eye' on this question and help you all I can :) Again, welcome to TFP :goodjob: