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Jul 19, 2020
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Hi all,

First post. Brand new salt water pool owner. While I seem to be bringing the cesspool under control (sat full with no equipment running for 3ish weeks, as no electricity, and is still surrounded by dirt), I’m confused about my needed cya level. The manuals for pentair and Haywood equipment say ideal range should be 30-50. Everyone else seems to say 50-100. Ant explanation for the differences?

manuals say:
FC 2-4
TC 0
PH 7.2-7.8
TA 80-120
Cal hardness 200-400
Cya 30-50
Salt 3600-4500

(28000 gal, vinyl liner, swg, sand filter)

incidently, I vacuumed a ton of dirt off the pool floor while set to filter...I take it from reading (to late, no one told me) that’s bad and I should have the valve set to much damage did I do? (Backwash was a little down but rinsed linger until clear. Pump pressure normal -at 19 as usual after cleaningthe day after)



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May 3, 2014
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See What Are My Ideal Pool Levels? - Trouble Free Pool. CYA levels for a SWCG are based on the knowledge that SWCG adds chlorine slowly to a pool. Thus, more UV protection is needed to maintain the FC above minimum (see FC/CYA Chart) during the high UV portions of the day. More reading in Pool Water Chemistry

Your sand filter should be fine. It is designed to handle solids pretty well. You should backwash the filter when your filter pressure rises by 25% over clean pressure.
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I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.