IC60 zero salt indication


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Mar 2, 2011
There's a tag that looks like a Harwil tag. I was wondering what the model number is from the tag.

The document says that the old switch is not compatible with the new cell.

So, is the new switch compatible with the old cell?

If green and black are common, then the old switch should work with the new cell.

Does the cell currently read the temperature correctly?

Press and hold the More button until the lights scroll and then release the button and note which percentage lights light up.

Then, immediately press and release the More button again and note which percentage lights light up.


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Dec 15, 2014
Riverside California
Did your temp test. The 60% and 80% lights come on. Actual pool temp is 75 degrees.
I did not get a model number from the switch. Unit is working great now so I am not going to tear it apart.
3 wire switch works with 4 wire cell and 4 wire switch works with 4 wire cell. I do not know if any cell ever had 3 wires.

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