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Aug 2, 2021
Tyler TX
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It’s hot and humid here in Texas and my family is ready for a pool. We are slowly getting bids for a gunite / plaster pool. My wife and I have never had a pool so we have everything to learn.

Our plan is for a rectangular pool, 16x36 or 38. Spa and ledge on one end that would each be about 8x8. Swim area will sport pool configuration, 3 1/2’ - 5’ - 4’.

After talking with someone who got taken for a ride, we have decided to avoid the “pool guy with a truck” and go with one of the local, well-known, established, certified pool builders. So far, one uses Pentair, one uses Hayward. One likes sand filter and one likes cartridge. We insist on chlorine.

We have 2 young kids, so safety is the top priority. We will be very interested to learn about keeping the kids safe.

I look forward to learning about all things pool related and having a good way to enjoy the hot, humid summers outside. Thanks!


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Yes Hi and welcome. I agree with wife ,chlorine it'll be but let her know she'll also be in charge of schlepping it home and looking for more when there's a shortage. A salt water generator or aka salt pool is easier to run and way more relaxing and is also a chlorine pool. The difference is spilling in straight chlorine daily or converting it from salt. No, it's not going to corrode the pool and is one third the saltiness of tears from your eyes.......