How to translate lbs. of Cl production


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Feb 27, 2018
Savannah, GA
My Hayward generator can generate 1.47 pounds of chlorine per day. I assume this is 24 hours at 100%. How can this be translated to ppm at various % and run time? I thought I saw something on the app but now can't find it.


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Jun 25, 2014
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Here are the steps in the PoolMath app:

IMG_1108.jpgSelect the three bars at the top left for the menu.

IMG_1111.jpgSelect "Effects of Adding"

IMG_1112.jpgUnder "Chemical Additions" pull down the first list box and set it to "SWG." Then click the magnifying glass icon next to "24 Hr SWG Output."

IMG_1110.jpgSelect your Hayward model from the list.

IMG_1113.jpgThen add your SWG setting into the "SWG%" field and the time it's running into the "Pump Run Time" field. Hit "Done."
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