How to seal leaking light fixture

Oct 11, 2007
I've always had problems with water leaks in light fixtures, even with brand new replacement lights (Sta-Rite Sunlite). After a few months of use I see a little water behind the lens. I've tried wrapping a little teflon tape around the rubber lens gasket before mating it with the metal shell, and then wrapping some more around the gasket & shell before clamping the seal over the whole thing, and that just slowed the rate of infiltration but didn't stop it. I still have to drain the water out of the lights at least once a year. Is this normal? Are there better ways of sealing light fixtures? Could the water be coming in at the cord rather than at the lens gasket? Is there a way to seal that?


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Feb 23, 2008
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The fact that you have been through a few lights and still have the same problem makes me think that the source of the water is probably not the pool. Sounds like you may be getting condensation from elsewhere. Just a thought though. Let's see what the experts here think.



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Mar 29, 2007
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I've gotta say that the problem is in the mechanical seal - the gasket isn't getting even, or enough pressure to keep the seal. If you can tell me which way yours is sealed I may well be able to help (there are a couple of ways different manufacturers seal the lights)

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Oct 11, 2007
Here is a drawing of my light:

I wrap three winds of teflon tape over the raised center of the rubber gasket (part 4) and the lip where it mates with the shell (part 6), and then after pressing the lens in place and pressing the gasket into the shell, I wrap three more winds of tape over the raised center so completely covers the area where the gasket mates to the lens and shell. Then I put the clamp (part 5) over it and tighten it with a screwdriver as tight as I can. After being submerged for six months, there's about half an inch of water in the fixture - more than could be due to condensation. When I bought the house with the existing pool, both the pool and spa lights were completely full of water and had to be replaced, as they were all rusted inside. I'm wondering if this design just always leaks a little water, and yearly draining is required of them.