How careful do I need to be with SLAM level water?


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Jul 23, 2020
I’m about to close the pool and I’m wondering about the high level of chlorine and how to handle the water. If I bring It up to SLAM level, that is 28 for my cya. At that level, how careful do I have to be with the water? Will it bleach my clothes? Should I make it clear to the people closing the pool how high the chlorine level is? I was thinking to add the chlorine today and let the pump run for about a day and a half at the high level and then pump out water to closing level before the closers get here. Would it make more sense to just add the chlorine after I lower the water level and just mix the water around a bit with my brush instead So that no one has to handle that level of chlorinated water?


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Jun 1, 2018
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It is safe to swim up to slam level for your cya with other parameters balanced.
I don’t see there being any need for “extra precautions”. No it should not bleach your clothes if they get water on them.
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