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Nov 12, 2017
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Thanks for another point of view. Here's an interesting read about it (and you know it's fact, because I found it on the google machine!):

I think we can agree that lock picking is not something that one could rely on, in terms of time needed, and for that reason it's something I would think most thieves would not be inclined to do, even if they were proficient at it. I didn't say it takes 20 minutes to pick a lock, "up to 20" means even seasoned locksmiths can't predict exactly how long it might take.

I certainly wasn't trying to imply that folks shouldn't fortify their locks if that makes them feel safer (arguably, they would be safer). I was just saying that for me, it wouldn't. And of course there are faster ways to get into a house, and quieter ones, etc.

I still stand by my over-arching notion. If someone wants in, they're coming in (regardless of my defenses). Security, for me, means making my house a less desirable target than others, not trying to make my house impenetrable. But it's also a personal thing: different for each of us.
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