High Salt


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May 29, 2017
Darn-it! I go out of town for a weekend and EVERYTHING goes to heck! Why oh why do people mess with my pool?! I thought I'd trained my husband well-enough to not touch anything!

He decided to clean the filter (which we've done ourself for the last 2 years), but this time he had to contend with a new Intelliflow. Since then, the filter pump wouldn't bbe controlled by the iApualink.

I got that fixed, now my salt readings are 4600ppm! (Turns out he took a sample to the pool store and it read 2500 so they told him to add 5 bags of salt!)

Question: Will my Jandy salt cell work with readings that high? I really don't want to do a partial drain.
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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Does the SWCG show any error lights? I scanned the ops manual for the Truclear SWCG and it does not show a shutdown for high salt.

Some SWCG can manage higher salinity, some are harmed by it.

See what your SWCG shows. Next time it rains in Houston, drain some water and let the rain fill it up.