Here we go again: Jandy 1400 not producing chlorine


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May 29, 2017
When we moved into the house 2 months ago, I struggled to get on top of the pool chemistry, but the chlorine levels just didn't seem to be maintaining with just the SWCG. Finally a technician realized that the salinity sensor was calibrated too high, so he adjusted it. I think he may have adjusted it a little too low though. So now my salt testing solution is telling me I have 3600ppm, and the salinity sensor is reading 2400ppm. I looked on line and found a calibration program. I've done that, but the Aquilink in the house is reading cell production at 40%, the pool mechanics are reading 00%. I'll check again later after the calibration takes effect.

Has anyone else had these issues? From what I understand, the SWCG stops functioning if the salt is too high or too low........ ?


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Jun 24, 2011
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The operating range for salinity is 2000 to 4500 with 3000-3500 being optimal.

Which salt test do you have? If it is a Taylor K-1766 test then I feel confident that you can set the calibration of the SWG using 3600.

The problem might be an automation and SWG communication problem which I'm not very helpful with. The SWG will give an error code for too low or too high of salt.
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