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Jun 9, 2013
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Quick question and first, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on the forum. It seems like every thread I click on that mentions the use of this product has something slightly different than my issue and I just want to make sure I’m on the right track before I start.

We had a new liner installed in spring and had the pool filled with water from a company, which I can only assume was free of metals since that’s basically what they do but I didn’t check for, nor notice any metals in the water until recently so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.
For the past few weeks we’ve noticed the steps have a yellowish tinge to them, that we couldn’t seem to keep fully at bay. So onto the internet I went and based on someone’s advice online, tried the vitamin C test, in the grooves of the steps. It worked immediately, pure white in less than three seconds.

Since spring we have topped off the pool water several times from our well, which I assume must be the culprit despite the fact that we have topped off the water from our well all summer for the past five years and never experienced this issue, at least nowhere near this noticeably yellow. But I digress, as where it came from might not matter so much at this point.

We’ve bought 2 quarts of ProTeam Metal Magic and one quart of polyquat60. Which order should I use them and how low do I want my chlorine to go? I can post all current pool stats tomorrow but I’ve kept up well and use the tf100 so they’ll all be in normal ranges.

Many thanks in advance! You all rock here : )

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What you do next depends on the severity of the staining. If it's just on the steps, you may chose to spot treat the steps with more Vitamin C or ascorbic acid just in that area. That will help to "lift" the staining into solution form, but of course the metal is still in the pool. The only way to remove it is by partial water exchanges. So following the directions on the Pro Team bottle, add the desired amount and monitor for changes. That's really about it. I don't recall, but if the Pro-Team says to let the FC fall low prior to use, then some Poly 60 should help to prevent algae.

If you have to do a full-blown Ascorbic Acid treatment for the entire pool due to wide-spread staining, then you do let the FC fall very low and would want the Poly 60 used as well. See the Ascorbic Acid Treatment for Metal Stains in Vinyl Pool page for more info. Hope that helps.
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