Help! Torn between Aqua White and Aqua Blue - any thoughts?


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We are about 4 weeks out from selecting our Pebble finish. We are going with Stone Scapes but are torn between Aqua White and Aqua Blue. Has anyone encountered the same issue? I've been looking on u-tube, but sill cant decide. Any thoughts or recommendations?


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Jul 10, 2012
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Here is our link to many different plaster colors in real life. I am not sure if those two are in there or not:

Now I want to say you cannot go wrong with either color! They are BOTH very pretty and the water color is so refreshing looking. I say throw a dart and use the color it lands on!



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Jan 19, 2015
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Aqua Blue and Aqua White both use the same pigments for the background color. The Aqua White has all white rock while the Blue has some gold and black added. The prefer the Aqua Blue and feel the plaster surface when done tends to look better.