Help opening swamp

Thanks in advance!

IG, plaster, 25,000 gal, 1hp superpump, sand filter

I dumped a lot of Di-Chlor in the pool last week as that's what was on hand and I wanted to try to quickly halt growth at temps are in the 80's now in Texas. Added 12 lbs of Cal-hypo Thursday after reading that too much di-chlor could be bad. Finally was able to fo a full test this morning and this is what I have:

FC: 2.6
CC: 1.6
pH: 6.0 or below
TA: 40
CH: 70
CYA: 70

According to poolmath I should add the following:

34 lbs borax
10 gal 10% bleach
15 lb baking soda
46 calcium chloride

As this pools is currently in swamp state, I completely understand that I may need all that and more. My main question is, do I add that all at once or should I step in certain things one at a time whit checks in between?

Thank you!


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Apr 17, 2010
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Welcome to the forum.. First raise TA to 60 or so range and recheck ph. Adjust ph to mid 7 range. Start your SLAM using plain bleach for your CYA level. I'd adjust CH afterwards... but it really doesn't matter. See SLAM article in Pool School. You're gonna need a fas-dpd chlorine test to properly conduct the SLAM.
Thank you! I did get the correct test kit, which is where I got the above numbers from. I won't be able to start a full SLAM until tomorrow, so I will try to get the TA and pH up today.

I appreciate the help.