Help needed - Winterize inground pool skimmer


Aug 13, 2019
Montreal, Canada
I closed my inground pool the other day with an air compressor no more than 40 psi. I heard putting more than that can blow off the fitting. A lot of water came out the lines.

When I was done I put about a gallon of antifreeze in the skimmer drain to the point I saw the antifreeze up in the pipe. Was this okay?

Then I closed off the drain with a screwed in plug with Teflon tape. I then poured another half gallon of antifreeze in the skimmer.

I then put a styrofoam block in the skimmer door. There is still space on the slides.

I read that I should put a 2 liner plastic sofa bottle fill half with sand so it sinks to the bottom of the skimmer casing. Is this correct?

how tight do I need to screw the bottle Cap? Is it is on too tight how will it compact when the ice hits it?

can I put a 500ml or a 1 liter plastic bottle?