Help me build a friend’s pool


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Jun 20, 2016
Hey guys! Can you all help me build a 15x28 vinyl pool on a budget. I didn’t ask the budget cause I didn’t feel I should.

I have her a lot of the typical things I did:

2 inch skimmed and drain lines all schedule 40.
1.5 inch return lines with schedule 40.
All independent runs.
All unions.
All never lube valves.

Make sure electrician understands bonding a pool properly if they don’t do a ton of pools.

I suggested a deep end swim out.

They r using Hayward equipment. She wants to use salt if she can swing it. On a budget can you guys recommend equipment if she went 8 feet deep vs 6 feet cause not sure where her head is at with that one. I’m assuming sand filter cause of budget.

Also I have a Gunite pool so I’m not really sure what advice I could give her on liners. If I can get some input there.

I’m not asking for exact on everything just some points so when she goes into getting estimates she understands what they are talking about and knows enough what to ask and not ask for.

Thanks so much you guys were all so much help I built my pool so I’m just trying to pass it along to her but she’s a very good person



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Jul 10, 2012
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It will have to be a custom liner so she will not have much choice in brands. It will also be VERY important that she gets and keeps the measurements of said liner for down the road when it needs replaced. That will save a lot of money and head ache.

Have her join here or you share the quotes so we can look it over for her.

You are a good guy for helping her out! I hope she does end up getting a pool!
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