Help finding right part to order for return fitting o-ring for Hayward 1.5 inch sp1022c


Jun 3, 2014
St. Louis, MO
Short version of question is does anybody know what o-ring to order for Hayward 1.5 inch return fitting (sp1022C).

Long story. I admit that I pay someone to close my pool mainly because I can't handle the cover by myself. That being said, I noticed last year that my vinyl liner was stained in a complete ring around the pool at the level of the returns. I tested for metals and nothing came back. I tried everything to clean it (acid wash, bleach, special metal removers). Anyway nothing worked. At the end of the season I decided to so an acid wash using almost straight Muriatic Acid. That removed the stain right away. I still don't know what exactly caused it but in an effort to remove any metal source that I could I bought new skimmer screws and checked the heater coil. Because I took the water so far down last closing I had to add water when opening it. Admittedly I have never really paid attention to what they use when closing off the return lines. Anyway I noticed they are using rubber stoppers with a screw mechanism on it. Which is fine and I'm sure it works but all of the screws are very rusty. I'm going to take them all out of my closing bucket this year but I found that I also have 1.5 in plastic return fitting (hayward sp1022c) for the returns. I guess the pool guys didn't want to use those. Regardless that will be the only choice next year, but all the o-rings are dry rotted. I found plenty of sites selling full replacements but all I really need is the o-ring. From what I could gather I need a 3/16 inch o-ring with a ?1.5 inch internal diameter. I'm just wondering is anybody knows exactly what I should order for a replacement. I see some on the pool sites, but they seem way overpriced. I was just going to order from an online website like Grainger.