Hello from Underwater Man

Underwater Man

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Sep 15, 2007
Fort Worth, Texas
Hello from Underwater Man… so glad that I found this site! We just recently completed a major renovation of an old in ground gunite that came with our house. I have never felt very comfortable with the info I received from the pool supply stores. Now I see why… what a difference. Thanks to all for helping each other solve problems, and making owning a pool more fun. My builder did some things that I questioned, everything was hurry, hurry, hurry, and I have already found answers to a lot of my concerns. Luckily I found you guys/gals, and was able to start my new pool with the BBB method.

I am retired and enjoying gardening and making improvements to our home and landscape. I also hybridize bearded iris in my very limited garden space. I have a couple that are quite nice, and if they fare well over the next year or so, I will be naming them after my granddaughters, and registering them with the American Iris Society . Anyone interested in bearded iris please feel free to write.



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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
Welcome! Glad you found us.

Don't know too much about BI, except that I regularly dig some out of my beds and put some in pots and allow them to languish in the shallow "marsh" end of my Koi pond each spring/summer. Just enough to get their feet wet but not underwater completely. They add some beautiful color.