Heater Output


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Jun 7, 2016
Noblesville, IN
I purchased and installed a new heater at the end of last year; I had a plumber come out to run a new propane line from the tank; they installed a 1/2" flexible line underground and then a rigid line going above ground and into the heater. The regulator at the underground tank was bad and the gas company came out and installed a new one. We ended up only using the heater maybe once last year and it seemed to not heat the pool very fast. I just kicked it on again yesterday for the first time and again, going slow, and I noticed this time in the reflection off the bottom of the heater pan that it looks like only one of the burners is going. If I zoom in it looks like maybe very small flames from the next few rows, but certainly not significant, and I assume that all of the burners should be lit.

I'm thinking the gas pressure/flow is not enough; could it be anything else? I wouldn't think a new heater would be clogged or anything. While the plumber ran a 1/2" line, the line from the tank to the regulator and the regulator to the new 1/2" line is a small copper line, maybe 3/8". I questioned all of this because the heater install manual seemed to indicated it needed a larger line, but they both (plumber and propane tech) assured me this was sufficient output for any appliance.

Anyhow, do I need to call the propane company again and have them crank up the output somehow, or is there something else I'm missing?