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Hi there new to forum have been reading as much as I can about swimming pools. I am trying to find out about different types of pool vents. OK don't laugh I'm new to this. The house I am buying has a bunch of pop up where the water goes into , I was told by owner that they help keep pool clean? Anyway pool is green and pop ups do not pop up so guess I am wondering is this expensive to repair and how it would actually works. Hope anyone can help would be greatly appreciated.


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May 7, 2007
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It sounds like you are describing an in-floor cleaning system. The have little popups on the floor of the pool which come on and spray water to push debris towards the drain, keeping the floor of the pool clean. They can be quite expensive to repair, depending on what is wrong with them. It is simple enough to use a pool vacuum instead.

None of that would have anything to do with the pool being green, which is nearly always caused by having too little chlorine.
Is that something that does need to be fixed or can I just get an automatic pool cleaner like a Kreepy Krawler? If these are not repaired pool should be fine? pool has not been taken care of for awhile. I will have to deal with this if I buy the house was just concerned pool would not ever get clean if the vents where not working. There is a circular cover I guess that where the skimmer is? If I were to plug in the vacuum hose the pop ups don't affect this part of it? By the way thanks for your quick answer. Would you have any idea where I can get info on water softener and water filters for well water?
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Mar 29, 2007
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In addition to what Jason said, the pop ups only come on occasionally - which is to say that they are plumbed in sections and only 1 section at a time is up.

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Apr 22, 2007
Can you feel or tell if any of them have water coming from them? They may very well need repaired if they are not popping up. In some pools, they are your only returns. That's the way mine is, unless I have the valve on for the loveseat returns, or the valve for the aerator turned on. In mine, only 2 are active at any one time, and only for probably less than a minute, then it goes to the next set. If you have no other returns that you know water is coming back into the pool from the filter, then you need to have them repaired.

Are you sure your filter isn't in backwash mode or waste mode? Are you losing any water when your pump is running?

Some of the actuators for infloor systems have a little screen that needs to be cleaned, periodically. If your filter is operating properly, it really shouldn't be clogged up much, ever. But, if your filter has a problem, the little screen could be totally clogged up. Also, if your system is anything like mine, with the loveseat or aerator, or if you have other returns, I suppose it could be possible that the valves for those systems may be turned on enough, that there is not enough pressure to also pop up the returns in the floor.

Also, make sure there isn't a valve that may be preventing the water from flowing to/through the actuator.

Plumbing can vary from one pool to the next with these types of things. If you could take a pic of your mechanicals (pump, filter and all the plumbing), perhaps we could make a better SWAG at it.