Has PH leveled off?


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My PH looks like it's stuck somewhere between 7.8 & 8.2. The color is a little darker than the 7.8 color, and not quite as dark as the 8.2 color... so I think it's somewhere in between.. and it's been there for days, even with some light aeration last night from water features. Is it possible my PH has leveled off and wants to be happy on it's own without me having to add acid? Last time I had to add acid was on the 11th. I'm wondering if I'm reading this thing correctly. Seems like the colors change depending on which direction I'm facing.. If the reading was 8.2 or higher I am guessing the color would be as dark, or darker than the 8.2 color. I don't even use the other side of it for OTO (I always do FAS-DPD).

TA 70
CH 250
CYA 50

Water temp is in the 40s.

How likely is this with new plaster?


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May 7, 2007
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Yes, quite possible. With the cooler weather and well past the end of the first month your PH increases should have slowed way way down. PH will continue to increase, but only very slowly over the winter. PH increases due to fresh plaster will speed up a bit in the late spring and continue through next summer but never go back to the way they were the first month.

The 8.2 color is as far as the color changes with that test. Any PH above 8.2 will show up as the 8.2 color.