Friend made a mistake and put a gallon of hth algaecide in his pool...


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Feb 2, 2008
Northwest Indiana
He now has a foamy mess. It has been three days and pump has been shut down and it's still all foamy.

Can anyone tell me what to tell him to clean this up? I'm at a loss.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Thank you. It's gonna take a lot of chlorine huh?
I did a little googling and looked at one HTH algaecide's SDS. They make many types. Anyway.... it looks like the ammonia compound is about 10%. So one gallon of 10% ammonia needs 10 gallons of 10% bleach to neutralize it.

I would caution him not to dump it all in at once. It could bleach the liner. Give it time to mix and react. Pour a gallon into the return stream, brush things a little, wait fifteen minutes, repeat. And he might already have neutralized some,, so maybe stop at 7 or 8 and give it a day's rest and then see how it looks and what the test results look like, bleach and ammonia will create a lot of CC.
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