Floating Pucks


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May 24, 2007
Houston, Texas, USA
Not to disagree with JohnT, but you do need some cya in the water if the pool is outdoors. You can use the pucks if you need to add some cya. Just don't let the cya get too high. Recommended range is 30-50 ppm.


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Mar 29, 2007
You can use both bleach and the pucks to chlorinate your pool. Just don't pour bleach on or near a puck and you'll be fine. The big question is why do you want to? Not there aren't very good reasons for using pucks in a floater, just why do you think you need to?
The thing we "preach" around here is understanding your pool and it's basic chemistry so you can make informed, un-biased decisions based upon your pool, not just what someone else (like a teenager in a pool store) tells you. Further more, to understand what you are putting in your pool as everything you had will have some other side effect or consequence. Get a test GOOD test kit if you have not done so.