First Timer 2017 in New Jersey


Jun 9, 2020
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Hi all -
My name is Pete -- I moved into my first home with a pool ever in 2017. Northern / Central NJ.
My wife had a pool and my brother in law has helped and has some knowledge.
But me? I did not even have friends with pools as a kid. Originally from New York and I spent most of my life in the concrete jungle of NYC.
I am a hands-on DIY'er in general -- and do not want to rely forever on professional pool openings, closings, chemical analysis, cleanings, etc.
In fact, I'd like the Summer of 2020 to be the last general service calls I pay for unless I have to.
I have a lot to learn and am eternally humble about admitting that.
I am not at all new to posting in internet forums in terms of etiquette etc.
You'll see me popping up all over the place while I seek all of your expertise.
After looking at a few other forums --- this place looked to me to be the best.
I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.