First time pool owner


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Jun 12, 2020
South Florida
As the subject says I am a first time pool owner and definitely It looks like I have bit more than I can chew by purchasing a house with an infinity pool (22K gallons).
Only three weeks in the house and I haven't been able to completely understand how this pool with a spa in it works which really aggravates me.
After reading some blogs and some posts in TFP, I think I understand the basics regarding the overflow, the trough, how the system should pump from the basin to the main pool. That been said, I am concerned about the pool loosing an "irregular" amount of water according to the pool guy I'm using.
I still can't say for sure if the amount of water missing from the main pool is approximately the same that sits in the basin.
I am aware of the importance of evaporation (specially in FL) but, I would like to know what an "acceptable" rate of lost water for a pool like this in a week is. The thought of a leak is really starting to ring in my head.
So far, I have only had to put fresh water twice in the pool during the last two weeks. Can't say for sure how many gallons or for how long the hose remained pouring water into it. I should've kept record of that I guess.
I have asked people who have regular pools and I have encountered a huge array of different comments and opinions.
One thing that seems to bother everybody that I have showed the setup to is the fact that I have 3 motors instead of two plus 3 timers.
Motor number 2 (middle) is not working and I keep wondering if this is part of the problem for loosing water.
Motor 1 is the standard to the pool and motor 3 I believe is the one that serves the return system for the basin.
As mentioned before there is a Spa (4 jets) in one side of the pool and apparently a fountain on the opposite side. I say apparently because it is a perfectly round hole at the bottom of the shalow part of the pool that spills water with not much of a force into the main pool. I haven't been able to confirm it and nobody seems to know. My pool guy is as baffled as I am.
I am attaching a picture of the setup for those interested in this mess.
I would appreciate very much any advice or any insight as to how this system apparently works.
Thanks in advance for the help.