infinity pool

  1. H

    Design flaw on my new negative edge pool

    Hi, I am new here and am hoping that someone can share some information regarding an issue I am having. We had a negative edge pool built recently and right next to it is a sunken firepit lounge. The way that it was designed, whenever we use the pool, the water flows right out of the pool into...
  2. B

    Infinity Edge - what kind of edge is this?

    I have an infinity edge pool. I need to redo the back side where the water falls over, tiles coming off. I ran across this pool that appears to have no tiles. How are they finishing the wall on the open edge where the water falls off? Is this durable or do you have to have tile?
  3. Heliman500

    Faux infinity / negative edge

    Hey folks, I am underway with a new pool build. The pool is being built on a slope with an exposed downslope wall. We are looking at finishing the top of the downslope wall with a 45 degree tile feature, most commonly described as a faux infinity edge. I have a pleasant view downslope and want...
  4. D

    Euro Gutter Repair and Coping Install - Please Help!

    Hello, We had a bad leak in the gutter that required us to pull up the coping and back row of travertine. We had to grind off all of the thinset and mud from each piece as well as the beam. My question now is..... What is the most accurate way to ensure that the coping edge is pitched...
  5. M

    First time pool owner

    As the subject says I am a first time pool owner and definitely It looks like I have bit more than I can chew by purchasing a house with an infinity pool (22K gallons). Only three weeks in the house and I haven't been able to completely understand how this pool with a spa in it works which...
  6. R

    Jacuzzi Vanishing edge basin issue

    Hi, I live in the northeast and have had a pool for about 5 years. we also have a separate jacuzzi not connected directly to the pool. In the winter we close and cover the pool but use the jacuzzi all year long. The jacuzzi has a vanishing edge approximately 4 feet wide on a 12 foot diameter...
  7. A

    Minimum canal depth required to avoid vortex, assuming several drains

    Hi Everyone, I’ve hired a contractor to build an infinity pool. It is a good contractor that I’ve had experience with in the past, but our location is in South America, and this is the first infinity pool he has built. As a result, I am doing a ton of research on infinity pools to make sure none...