First Intex pool w a pump, confused about chemicals and etc...


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May 4, 2017
Kids wanted a bigger pool this year, instead of the usual Intex inflatable I buy them. I know absolutely nothing about pools, but went with the 16Ft X 8Ft X 42In Prism Frame Pool Set due to the dimensions. Water capacity: 2,873 gallons (80%). Includes 110-120 volt Filter Pump with 1,000 gallon (3,785 L) per hour flow rate.

I would like to order any chemicals and accessories we might need, but am feeling overwhelmed... even or especially after reading the manual, reviews and forum posts. Could somebody help me with the basics? At this time, i'm looking more for ease, convenience and fool proof options (especially when it comes to chemicals) more than I'm looking to save money. Maybe once I'm more comfortable with the pool, I'll decide to go another route. Thank you!

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Hello and welcome to TFP :wave: While the new pool is an upgrade for you and the family, it's still a bit small (gallons) which places it in what we would classify as a "seasonal" pool. For pools of that size, we offer the TFP Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools page which outlines basic testing and chemical requirements which are a bit more streamlined for seasonal pool owners. Naturally, many of the vital links below in my signature still apply (recommended chemicals, etc), so feel free to review/save those links.

I would start there and let us know if you have any questions on that seasonal pool guide page. Remember when using bleach, use only regular/plain. Nothing scented or splashless. You can get granular stabilizer (CYA) at places like Wal-Mart, Lowe, or Home Depot. Hope that helps.