First Cold Season & Chlorine Tablets / Salt Pool


Oct 9, 2018
Cary, NC
What are your test results?
I guess I need to run a new test. Total newbie here. We just had a major repair and stopped heating for the season.
My vendor does testing with the expectation of buying chemicals with them. Is it hard to do personal testing that is as effective? They seem to run theirs through a computer analysis.

Is this a new pool?

Maddie :flower:
Indeed it is. We just finished installing in early October, and just had a major repair complete last weekend (concrete redo, liner reset)


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Pool owner testing is far superior to any service or store. In fact, we shy away from giving any advise based on testing that is not from the pool owner using their own proper test kit.

Order a TF100 test kit
The only other real option for a test kit is a Taylor K-2006-C. Be careful comparing prices because the K-2006 comes in sizes, designated by a letter. The basic K-2006 has .75oz bottles. You need to get the K-2006-C to get the larger bottles that you want.
I also have the SpeedStir. It makes testing much easier.