Expansion Joint caulk/sealants?


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Jan 30, 2018
I just installed some limestone coping and pavers around our saltwater concrete pool. 7mm gap between pavers. I will grout most joints, and use sealant for expansion joints (continuous sealant joint between coping and pavers, and then every 4m or so elsewhere). Does anyone have any recommendations as to good joint sealant? I wanted to use regular sikaflex pro, however it says don't use on stone, or around pools:

Sikaflex® PRO

Any idea why it won't work?

Sika says to use this:
Swimming Pools (sika.com)

It only comes in small tubes, and I don't like the available colours.

There's another similar looking product, but again small expensive tubes:

Maxisil P - Maxisil

I would prefer a basic polyurethane sealant, and wonder if these tank rated silicones designed for permanent submersion are overkill...

I'm in Australia.