EasyTouch Programming Issue


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Apr 3, 2020
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Great read here. I was going to ask a similar question, but seems like my system is running as expected.

I have the ET panel, Intelliflo VS pump (i1 or i2 - cannot remember) and SL.

I was trying to figure out the delay between Auto being reinstated and the pump actually coming on. Awkward is the right word in describing the length of time it takes. My pump usually starts in about 20 - 30 seconds. I suppose it is awkward because my old single speed pump was instant.

Another instance of using SL for start / stop in my case is accessibility to my ET control panel (long story) - simple for me to stop the pump, switch to backwash. and restart the pump using the SL app on my phone standing at the pump.

I have had my learning curve too :)

Supposedly 'reputable' pool company had originally wired my SWCG to be on 24/7 - somehow it did now burn out. I got it switched over to the load side of the pump relay. We no longer see the cell 'glow' at night when the pump is not running :)
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Jul 7, 2014
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Common sense applies here... If you are just stopping your pump to move the MVP valve and then turning it back on, then using ScreenLogic works fine.. If on the other hand you are opening your filter or working on the pump itself, you really should be in the Service mode. If you can't get to the main enclosure and circuit breakers, then technically it will not pass code, as you need to ability to shut it off in an emergency.

My thought is as long as it works for you, it works for me.. :mrgreen:

As far as how long it takes the pump to come back on after being shut off... It does seem to take forever, and is about one second less than the amount of time it takes me to go into a panic.. :)


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