Don't Forget About Amazon Smile and TFP...

Apr 15, 2016
Central Florida
THANK YOU Technigogo! I don't know if you're officially #1 or not (better go buy more stuff to make sure!) but we're very grateful to you and all the rest of us that use smile for TFP!

I'm almost to $8! I feel like I purchased the domain name renewal for TFP! It feels great! I've got some home improvement/repair/replacement purchases coming later this year that should help me boost mine! Amazing how often Amazon Smile is beating The Home Depot/Lowes on price and customer service for my non-grocery shopping needs.


LifeTime Supporter
Jul 28, 2011
Austin, Texas
Two days ago, Amazon began letting you attach Smile to mobile apps. Yay! That was the only place I wasn't able to make Smile purchases but NO MORE! I am now all Smiles, all the time!