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Jul 2, 2021
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I purchased a dolphin M200 with my pool. I know it is designed for inground pools, but my sales person said it would be fine for my above ground pool.

So I ran it the other night for two hours, and when it was done the filters did not have much in them. And there was piles of sand on the bottom of the pool still.

so I called Dolphin (Maytronics), and they suggested that I try the fine particle filters. So I replaced the filters with the fine ones.

So I ran it the next night for two hours. Again, in the morning, there were piles of sand all over my pool and almost no sand in the filters.

I started researching and a local pool place told me I should not be using the M200 on a vinyl surface. He said it is designed for hard surfaces. He also said the brush patterns are different. He suggested a basic S50 and said that’s all they use on their demo pool and it’s out there 24/7 right next to a major street.

I have since returned the M200 because I feel that it should be picking up sand for a $900 unit.

I like the idea of a smaller, cheaper unit that is designed for above ground pools. But I don’t like the sound of a cable that might get tangled. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t sell a tangle free cable with the S50 but they don’t.

I could also go much cheaper and get an EZ-vac or something like that. The downside of that is that it puts wear and tear on my filter system. I would like to get this right. I would love to hear any thoughts that could help me as I am somewhat paralyzed at the moment.


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Jul 3, 2013
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I went the other way :)

I bought the only upgraded one with better pumps.. I got the active 60/M600 and it will suck up everything including sand in the same exact pool as yours except mine is an Intex :)
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