1. M

    Vacuum cleaner connection

    I'm pool noob, so trying to educate myself via reading internet sites and forums. I shocked the pool recently and need to remove dead algae from the bottom. Previous owner left me a cleaner (Barracuda) and robot (Zodiac CX35). Robot is not doing a great job in collecting algae and lights "FULL"...
  2. K

    Above ground Coleman pool, when hooking up vacuum, pump starts surging because of lower water level

    Hi all, I have a 22" above ground Coleman pool with the 2 inlet openings. One of those is the basic typical inlet with the cover over it that stops large things from being sucked in. The other is hooked up to my intex skimmer. I am using an intex sand filter/pump. The problem arises when I go...
  3. C

    Preparing for vacuum issue -- unscrewing outflow gasket under water is hard

    Hi! I have an above ground pool with a sand filter, and I recently purchased an Intex vacuum powered by the pump. It's worked just fine the several times I've used it. However, as I have increased the water level above the level of the outflow, I now can't take it off in order to connect the...
  4. N

    Pool Valve Help

    Hello, i bought a home with an inground salt water pool, i am needing to vacuum but i have no clue how to tell which valve controls which skimmer/jet/drain, can someone assist me with the best way to find this out since they did not come labeled. I have one pump, one filter, a heater (which i...
  5. amityeric

    Dolphin M200 Leaves Piles of Dirt

    I purchased a dolphin M200 with my pool. I know it is designed for inground pools, but my sales person said it would be fine for my above ground pool. So I ran it the other night for two hours, and when it was done the filters did not have much in them. And there was piles of sand on the bottom...
  6. MissTawnie

    I'm lost.

    We got an above ground 16×48 Coleman pool last summer and due to various reasons... we never got to put the cover on it last year. This year, we had a lovely putrid green swamp, complete with a dead bird and large dragonfly larvae. We drained it, pressure washed it, sprayed it with bleach and...
  7. C

    Debris Keeps Accumulating After Vacuuming

    My husband and I are first year pool owners. Whenever we vacuum, the pool looks great for a few hours to a day, and then the whole bottom is covered in little mounds of black debris. We’ve replaced our cartridge filter and vacuum head. A technician has come out and serviced our filter. He said...
  8. sydmeredith

    Best In Ground Vacuum?

    We are getting ready to purchase a new pool vacuum and would like recommendations on the best based on your experience. I've researched and researched and the on line reviews are all over the place. We are looking at either a Dolphin Sigma or Hayward 650. Any others we should consider? Any...
  9. L

    Installed a pressure vacuum breaker for pool auto leveler- Is it installed correctly Arizona

    My Pool guy just installed a new pressure vacuum break, it was leaking from the top. Is it installed correctly. Here are the before and after pictures. 1. Is it installed correctly? I am concerned with the handles so close to the wall. I had to replace the handles in the past on my old...
  10. MeggieQ

    Pentair Lil Shark in a Coleman pool.....

    Just bought a Pentair Lil shark vacuum, and we have a 18ft Coleman Vista Series 2, but the vacuum hose does not fit.....what type of adapter or skimmer do we need to purchase?
  11. J

    Automatic vacuum help! Pump keeps losing its prime!

    I have an Intex 14ft X 42 Prism Frame Pool with an Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump, 2500 GPH. I just recently bought a pre owned Wanda the Whale Hayward automatic vacuum for the pool. I got that model because I just happened to come across it for $40. I am having a hard time...
  12. C

    Built-in Concrete Skimmer Questions (equalizer valve? -- cement crack? -- vacuum?)

    Bought a house in San Jose CA a few months ago with an inground pool. Not sure when the pool was built, but house was built in 1957. Pool was replastered 1-2 years ago. So I’m new to pool ownership and maintenance and trying to learn as I go along. The skimmer didn’t seem to be working well...
  13. S

    How do I remove bubbles from vacuum when flocking the pool

    hi,I recently moved into a home with a pool of 30,000 gallons, I’ve done my fair share of research bought all the chemicals and so forth, I superclorinated the pool when I first moved in with about 25 gallons of liquid chlorine which killed the algae in the pool And turn it from dark green to a...
  14. G

    Arizona Dust Devil Cleanup

    Hey All, Two dust devils came through the exact same spot in our neighborhood today 2-3 hours apart, and both hit our house and yard head-on. It ripped tile shingles off the roof and deposited a bunch of sand and debris in the pool. What a mess. I don't even own a vacuum attachment, as my...
  15. vNinjaDFW

    Side-suction hose gets stuck in skimmer

    You guys are the BEST. I've learned so much here over the past few weeks! I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I turned OFF the drains in the floor and left the skimmer on and got the vacuum running. Seemed to be going well, but after an hour or so the hose gets curled up in the skimmer...
  16. T

    Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

    I have an Intex 12’ metal frame pool with 1.25” lines. I want to purchase the Intex Automatic Pool cleaner, but it says I’ll need the Intex pool with 1.5” lines to connect the vac adapter correctly. I don’t want to cut my liner to add a 1.5” Intex inlet. Is their a part that will screw onto...
  17. T

    Do you think this is successfully waterproofed and safe?

    This is a pool blaster vacuum that ran off of a 9v battery pack. I took a 9v dc/ac adapter and connected it to it and then to an extension cord using all heat shrink connections. I then sealed the entire interior pack area with silicone and then heat shrink sealed the extension cord connections...
  18. S

    Yellow algae or sand/

    Hello all, new to TFP. haven’t done an OCLT yet (looking to get fas dpd test kit) could anyone confirm (by looks) is this is algae ? I think I’m in denial. There is a backstory including my SWG being out of whack for couple months and pool turning slightly green, I did the stainless steel...
  19. W

    How to get rid of super-fine silt

    Hi! This is my first season with a pool, although I've kept a hot tub for 20 years. I have an in-ground 20x40 pool, vinyl liner, glass media filter, but I mostly use a manual PoolBlaster Max Li for vacuuming. I have both the regular bag (I think they call it a "fine filtration bag") and a...
  20. M

    SLAM valve settings

    Hi all, I haven't seen much other pool equipment, but I'd guess mine is typical in that you can direct water coming to the filter/pump through either the main drains or skimmer (to various degrees), and water returning to the pool can run out the wall jets or to the positive pressure vacuum...
  21. K

    Can I run the vacuum while the heater is going?

    We bought a gas heater for the pool in our new house. I have been running the Baracuda suction cleaner every other day, can I continue to use that if the pool heater is running? Or will the suction affect the pressure and operation of the heater?
  22. build34sm.jpg


    vacuum AGP liner install
  23. B

    Vacuum always gets stuck

    Hello Everyday when we run our filter, the pool vacuum gets stuck every single day, several times per day in the exact same spot. Any ideas how to prevent this? It's so frustrating. If we're gone for the day, we will almost always come home to the vacuum stuck in this same spot. Vacuum is a...