Do we need another return? In plumbing stub stage now


Jun 14, 2020
Round Rock, Tx
I just noticed that there was no return on the side of the pool where our feature wall will be. Is that a concern? Will the current flow gather everything in the corner of the feature wall and hot tub? Should I ask for another Return?



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Jul 20, 2020
Houston, TX
I only see three returns total unless I missed one. I would add two more at least,possibly three. I had a return added at the back of my tanning ledge also to try to help blow debris off of the ledge


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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I do not have a return under my water feature but I do the the left and right of it. It appears you have good coverage with the return directly across from the water features. I would ask the PB about the area directly to the left of your ledge. That appears to have no water movement (not sure of skimmer placement). That brings up another point - I noticed on your plumbing diagram that you have only 1 skimmer suction line at the equipment pad. If you have 2 skimmers, I would recommend you have each skimmer independently plumbed back all the way to the equipment pad and each to have a valve on it. That way you can better control the suction from each to balance circulation.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

In my mind every pool needs at least 4 returns and two skimmers... Each skimmer needs to be plumbed back to the equipment pad and be controlled by an individual Jandy valve.

The basic idea on returns is that you want one on each "wall" of the pool, so that they can be pointed in a direction that will cause the pool water to flow like a flushing toilet bowl, but obviously at a much, much slower speed...


Jim R.