Do I need a junction box for a Pentair 5g Intellibright 12v light? How and where to wire all my 12v lines together?


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Aug 19, 2019
Southgate, MI

I am in the middle of a pool build and have a few questions about my lighting. I am using a Pentair Easytouch system. I am going to wire 2 PX100 transformers to thier own relay in the easytouch. I want to be able to control my 5 water feature lights independently from the main pool lights. From the transformers I plan on running conduit to a burried valve control box next "-to my equipment pad where I will feed in conduit from all the lights. I am told this should be fine since all the lights are 12v. Plus I like the idea of the extra room for the 18"-24" of slack I need in each line.

My questions are:
Do I still need a junction box for my Intellibright 5g 12v light?
What is the best way to connect or tie in together the 5 water feature lights to the 1 feed line from the transformer?
Do you have a better way?

Let me know what you think or how you did it. Pictures are encouraged!



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Jul 7, 2014
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If you want to independently control 5 lights, you will need 5 relays and 5 transformers...

Maybe I just don't completely understand how you expect the system to work.


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Aug 19, 2019
Southgate, MI
No I want to run the 5 lights on one transformer so they are all in sync and run the 2 pool lights on a separate transformer so I can contrast the colors of the pool and the water features.