DIY Pool Reel?


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Jun 26, 2015
Concord, CA
Has anyone made a good pool reel for an above ground pool? Any recent threads around this? I can't justify spending more on reel then the pool cost. (The aquabot that is being delivered today is going to be cleaning in stealth mode for a couple weeks until I can say, "Oh, this was super cheap. I got it a while ago." with a poker face).


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May 10, 2015
Nanaimo BC
I have a 9 x 18. What I use is a piece of 2 in PVC 9 or so feet long. I drilled holes through it and fed some rope through with a knot on the end. There are 3 ropes each connected to a plastic grommet. To hold it in place in each corner I made a loop of rope about 1 ft and feed each end of the pipe through there. It works very well....