DIY EasyTouch to Intellicenter Upgrade?


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Sep 28, 2019
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I'm new to the forum since I recently purchased my first pool along with a house we just moved into - extremely thankful for all the knowledge I've absorbed so far. Currently the pool has what I believe is an EasyTouch 8 automation system, with an IntelliFlow pump, Boost-Right pump for pool sweep, 120V IntelliBrite LED lighting, and an IntelliChlor SWCG. The system works great but I'd like to add remote access capabilities, and I believe that means I either add ScreenLogic, or upgrade to Intellicenter. Rather than spend the money on a legacy system like ScreenLogic, I'd rather put that money towards upgrading to Intellicenter.

If I were to purchase the correct kit online, is this something that can be done DIY? I'm perfectly comfortable working with 120V wiring, and all of the related safety procedures. I'm just not sure how good the directions are for the upgrade, and whether there would be any warranty implications. I believe the Intellicenter also uses a new style valve actuators? Would that just be an easy retrofit from my existing Pentair valve actuators, or would I just continue to use the existing actuators?



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Aug 4, 2014
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This should be a straightforward swap for you. You may not even need to touch any of the 120 volt circuits since everything is plug and play into the circuit boards.

The valve actuators can easily be changed out for the newer style but there really isn't any reason to do that since the advanced functions of the valves aren't supported yet.

A call to should get you all the parts you'll need for the changeover.

I'm sure @MyAZPool can provide all the insight you could want. He's an automaton engineer for Pentair😜


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Jul 7, 2014
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My question is why? I'll be the first to admit that if I were building a new pool, it would have the IntelliCenter, but if you already have an EasyTouch 8, there is not much advantage to having the IntelliCenter.. The average pool owner, (Not MyAZPool.. :mrgreen: ) does not even use most of the functions that the EasyTouch has already has.

Tell me what your system won't do right now that you want it to do? Adding ScreenLogic, will be like night and day over a stock EasyTouch.

Just saying.. if it ain't broke, there is no reason to fix it.

I really want an IntelliCenter myself, but I can't see any advantage for my set up.. Darn it!! :)


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Sep 28, 2019
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I think my main motivation is just avoiding spending money on something "legacy". I've seen a number of posts on this forum about annoyances being fixed in subsequent releases on IntelliCenter but not on ScreenLogic, having to slow down your navigation on ScreenLogic to make sure it catches all of your inputs, etc. Those sorts of things bug me since I'm a bit of a smart home nut, and work in tech, so I hate anything that feels old school. :p Totally a first world problem - I know ScreenLogic will "do" everything I need it to.
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