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Nov 3, 2016
Orlando, FL
Wondering how you mounted/installed your temperature sensor?

I bought something like this
but the algorithm to generate a temp out of it is pretty complicated.

I think a DS18 sensor would be easier to read, but I'm not sure how to mount in in a pipe without it leaking?


I used the sensor you linked and was able to read the data without issue on Arduino using a thermistor library. My code is posted here: Pool-Controller/Pool-Controller.ino at master · Here-Be-Dragons/Pool-Controller · GitHub


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Aug 27, 2017
Cornell California
Hi John,
Funny, I was starting down a very similar path last year and it fell by the wayside. My box of toys in the corner of has Pi-3/B Sainsmart relay board and DS thermal sensor... Started to think about it again today, and up popped your project.
So... I am all ears. Once you validate the PCB, may want to take one off your hands :)


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Nov 16, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Hey guys - I too am working on a pool automation project and have come quite far with it. I have a rather long write up on it at HACKSTER.IO so I won't bother to replicate that here, but I was looking for people doing this to try and bounce ideas off of for automation.

In my case, my setup is pretty simple. I use several arduino clones to transmit (via 433mhz) pool water level, temperature data, smart water meter readings, acid tank level and filter psi to my software running on a Pi3. From there I have a web interface written in Flask that shows all of my information plus allows controlling my Pentail Intelliflo VF pump (starting/stopping/disabling), automatic (and manual) filling of my pool, and notifications via email, sms, pushbullet and logging. All controlled via the web interface. I also track pH, Orp, Solar (electrical) production and consumption (for making decisions on when to run the pump or how fast to run it), and water usage (using the smart meter). I would love to bounce ideas off others that are doing the same.

Besides the sketches for the arduinos. everything is written in python and utilizes Flask for the front-end. It is all on Github HERE.

screen 2018-03-01 at 7.51.33 PM.jpg

el duderino

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Jun 15, 2008
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I'm looking to embark on a similar project (using Particle Proton) and would love to follow along and offer what little help I can. I've read what I believe to be every DIY pool controller forum/blog/post out there, and still have quite a few questions.


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Jun 7, 2017
I'm curious about the pressure transducer. Is this replacing the dial pressure gauge on the filter? I've been looking for remote sensing the filter pressure but have not seen anything to allow me to keep my dial, is there a 2 way splitter your using?


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Jun 26, 2018
Ya remember this project? Yeah, I hardly do either :confused:

Quite a few moons ago, I hand-wired a board with 16 copies of the above circuit, and actually had it all working! Alas, as I was taking things apart after that test, an alligator clip got away from me and shorted something out which fried my older model Raspberry Pi. The older Pi has a different pin-out than the newer ones. Yeah, I probably could have found and purchased and older Pi to match, but, I really wasn't happy with how the hand-wired bridge board looked. For a host of other reason, I just decided to spin my own PCB:

~$30 later, I have a stack of a dozen boards sitting on my desk. Going to try to build one out in the nearish future and get this project going again...

Do you have any of these boards left? Would love to drop by and pick one up.
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