Diverter valve replacement parts


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Apr 5, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Hi folks,

I have two diverter valves for solar isolation installed way back when with an unknown origin/manufacturer. One of them is definitely not sealing as it should but given the age I would like to refresh both of them. I am trying to understand if generic Jandy or CMP parts will fit (one of them needs a valve cap as well). If anyone ran into this kind of issue before, or can provide any insight - this will be greatly appreciated.

The valve has the handle screw top, the handle itself, the cover, two o-rings for the diverter shaft and a cover o-ring (no spider gaskets).

The diverter is a OV3-200 (Praher ROTOR FOR INFINITY VALVE / ASSY-3-PORT VALVE - OV3-200-7 - INYOPools.com) but again, not sure what the interoperability with the housing is.


photo_2020-02-08_12-42-26 (2)_result.jpg

photo_2020-02-08_12-42-26 (3)_result.jpg

photo_2020-02-08_12-42-25 (2)_result.jpg