Display out on Pentair VSP


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May 28, 2020
Display on pentair VSP is completely out. Installed in 2013. Filter pump and Booster are tripping. 3 weeks ago had similar issue where I was losing communication and system would fail, but display screen had power and I could get it running in service mode, but would trip . Had a service tech over and cleaned ants nest from panel/ boards. Has been working fine until last weekend. Technician said if pump goes down again that I’ll probably have a bad drive and to replace pump. I opened the electrical box and found tons of black ants crawling around the wires and boards again. Cleaned out but still no power coming to pump. Question is do I have a bad pump or could the electrical/ boards be damaged from ants and affecting power to pump? Thank you, Dan


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Jul 7, 2014
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What electrical board? Inside the pump drive or somewhere else??

The very first thing to do is to test the input voltage to the pump.. Test between L1 and L2 with a voltmeter and tell what voltage you get.. Do not measure between L1 and ground and L2 and ground.

The pump's drive could be bad or your could have just lost one of the two phase inputs to the pump.. Could be a popped or bad circuit breaker.


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