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Oct 17, 2009
West Chester, Ohio
I'm in the process of converting my pool to salt water so that I can use my new SWG system from Hayward (Aqua Rite) and was wondering if it is ok to use Diamond Crystal salt pellets (yellow bag). My local Costco is selling 50 lb bags for $4.99 and from the package it is 99.8% pure, however there is no indication on the package it can be used in pools. So my question is: is it ok to use this product in my pool? I know pellets dissolve slower than granular. All comments are welcome.


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Jun 2, 2010
Fort Worth, TX
When I asked my pool installer (Pulliam Pools) about this they said I HAD to use "Pool Salt" because the other salts had impurities. But I read here that the blue Diamond Crystal Extra Coarse Solar Salt is acceptable. Any thoughts or comments on the alleged "impurities" that may be in it? Maybe Pulliam was overly cautious.

The blue "Extra Coarse" is 4.79/bag and the Pool salt is 6.39/bag so naturally I favor the Extra Coarse.

Thanks in advance.


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May 7, 2007
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Every now and then there is a small pebble in the extra coarse salt, other than that it is exactly the same salt, just not ground up as fine. The pebbles, if you get any, are easy to remove once the salt has dissolved.

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Oct 17, 2009
West Chester, Ohio
Followup to my SWG experience.

Ended up using the Costco salt pellets and had no problem dissolving them - took about 30 minutes. One interesting thing to note - I added 50 lbs less than recommended from the Pool Calculator and too my surprise the salt content was about 20% higher than I expected. I had the local pool store check it which confirmed the SWG digital reading. Maybe there was some salt in the water before I started or the pool is smaller than the mfg claims.

Now I need to fine tune pump run time with the generator dial for the desired FC level. It looks like 7 hours filter time with a 50% setting seems to be optimal.

Overall a pretty good experience and the best part no more adding the daily bleach. I highly recommend a SWG to anyone looking to ease their daily pool maintenance.
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