Deep End Hopper Collapse - Loose Sand - How to Repair


Mar 23, 2021
Ontario, Canada
We are building a 16' x 36' DIY inground pool. The excavation was completed 3 weeks ago. We noticed right away that below 36" we had loose sand and the hopper walls (sloped to 8' deep end) didn't have much strength. It was even difficult to get the steel walls in place around the 2' overdig as the sand would slide down into the hopper.
A few rains later and enough of the sand has slid down the hopper sides into the pool bottom to make a mess. There have been a few other threads on TFP regarding similar issues, so I thought I would share my experience.
I have ordered enough washed masonry sand (5 yards) and portland cement (50 bags) to rebuild the walls using a dry pack concrete mixture. Will post some photos of the process - we are hopefully starting tomorrow.
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