Deep Cleaning Sand Filter: pool pump is lower than pool, no shut off valve, what do?


May 23, 2019
Northern AL
Is it okay to drain the pool down to below skimmer level when I change the sand in my filter?

When I go to clean the pump's basket water is constantly coming out. The intake has a 3 way valve, but no "all off" position, just "skimmers", "both", and "drain". Since the pump is lower than the skimmers, it seens the only way to cut off flow to the sand filter would be to drain the pool from "drain" down to below skimmer level and then switch it to "skimmer". Would that be okay for a liner pool?


Bronze Supporter
Oct 2, 2016
albany, ga
can you aim the 3 way switch towards the basket? that should effectively stop the flow by closing it off. just don't forget to reverse it prior to turning the pump back on