Dedicated vacuum line? Necessary?


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Jun 26, 2014
Peoria, AZ
My PB says we do not need a dedicated vacuum port when we have 2 skimmers and in ground floor cleaners (and not even a vacuum at all he says!). Seems a lot of people use their vacuums though, and I thought I might need it as a back up one day. Arizona can sometimes get these awful, apocalyptic-like dust storms known as "haboobs" (no joke, look it up), and I'm not sure if the infloors and skimmers alone could manage after something like that and I may need an emergency vacuum??

So is a vacuum line necessary? What about the vacuum equipment itself, can I get by on infloors, skimmers and a brush?



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Dec 3, 2014
Cypress, Texas
Wow, what a dust storm. I'm not an expert, but If you have two skimmers and an in floor cleaner, I probably wouldn't do a vacuum. I would think you could always get a robot later if you need an additional cleaner


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Jun 8, 2015
Charlotte, NC.
Or just run a vacuum through the skimmer as you will only need it once in a while.

Unless he is talking about a pressure side cleaner which would need an extra port. If that is what he is talking about and you already have the in-floor, I would opt against as a vacuum through the skimmer port will take care of your needs and will be very cheap in comparison.


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
100% agree, a cheap skimmer port vacuum would work great if only needed 1 or 2 times a year... You may find robots are the new thing :)


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
I do just fine with a cheap manual vacuum (Lowes) connected to my skimmer. Just be sure you have a way to close off the second skimmer while you're vacuuming from the first. When my filter is freshly backwashed, I get too much suction and have to crack the three-way valve to draw some water from the spa while I vacuum otherwise the vacuum head gets sucked flat against the floor and won't roll. If you ever have to clean up after a haboob, a manual vacuum can do it, no problem. Your filter will load up in no time, but you probably know that already.

A dedicated line is just more plumbing you don't need.