Day 5 of testing water


Jul 15, 2013
East Meadow, NY
I have read the pool school quite a few times and on day 5 it does say to continue to test for chlorine and PH. Does this mean that I shouldn't test for TA, CH, or CYA any longer or should I continue? I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

My PH and cya levels have been pretty good except for one day of strong rain I had to add dry acid.

I just got the solar cover, thank goodness to help protect the pool from my neighbors lovely tree that hangs on my side of the fence and the bugs... New insects have emerged in our backyard since we got this pool and they arent mosquitoes! But I've been skimming it every morning and night. I will start vacuuming tomorrow as I just got it last night and have to read through more directions. :-D


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Jun 17, 2013
Fallsburg, NY
CH and CYA aren't going to change unless you get a lot of rain and/or have to drain water out, so no need to test those again once you establish what your levels are. TA changes slowly as pH changes, so no need to test that every day either, once a week is probably more than enough unless you are in the process of bringing it into range or are seeing wild swings in pH. The reason for testing FC/CC and pH daily is to ensure your pool is maintaining adequate levels of FC for your CYA level and to ensure pH doesn't make any radical changes and to ensure you know when it gets out of range so you can adjust it. pH is a cheap, easy test, so it doesn't hurt to do it often. It will usually slowly rise, especially if you use an SWG, or you aerate your water (via waterfalls, cooling fountains, surface agitation, etc).


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Jun 5, 2012
DFW, Texas
FWIW, here is my test schedule:
  • 1. FC - daily during swim season, 2-3 X per week during off-season (I keep pool "open" year-round, but swim season is 5-6 months). Note that if you ever go through the The SLAM Process, you will need to test FC and CC several times a day.
    2. pH - twice a week, year-round
    3. TA - once a week, year-round
    4. CH and CYA - monthly, year-round. In hot DFW summers, I top-off usually once a week due to evaporation and splash-out. Each top-off impacts CH and CYA to a small degree.
    5. Salt level - monthly, year-round. Although I have a non-SWG pool, I test salt mainly so I can calculate CSI.

Note that I have two year's worth of test data (recorded once a week) so I have been able to fine-tune my testing according to my pool's needs.