CYA super low


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Dec 7, 2019
My new pool was turned over to my care by the pool startup guys couple weeks ago who said just run the tablets till you get enough CYA then switch over to using liquid. I can’t measure ANY CYA in my pool and can’t get the FC to come up at all. The FC was low so long (.5) that I decided to go ahead and add a couple pounds of cal-hypo 65% (my CH was low anyway.) The cal-hypo was added 2 hours ago and I’m already back down to 5FC. I’m running 5tabs in the chlorinator currently as well. Do I need to go get a gallon of liquid stabilizer and then sit on that for a week and see where I’m at?

current measured levels:
Pool size 22000
PH 7.6
TA 120
CH 240
CSI -.03


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You need ot hit Walmart or one of the other locations that sell stabilizer ASAP. Now that our weather broke, it's getting warm fast. YOu need a CYA of at least 30, and if it gets into teh90s, you'll want 40-50 CYA. Use the sock-soaking method to increase that. Stay away from cal-hypo. Your summer fill water will probably add more CH. Stick to pool chlorine (Walmart) or regular bleach to increase teh FC. I'd get the FC up to about 4-5 right away to avoid algae. Let us know fi you have any questions.

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Please add to your signature which test kit you are using. You can use liquid stabilizer if you wish, but granular is cheaper and does the same thing. Just requires the sock to dissolve first. Once it's in though, consider your CYA goal achieved by using the PoolMath APP or PoolMath web page.

Adding CYA:
To increase CYA via granular stabilizer, place the required amount as calculated by the Poolmath calculator into a white sock and place in the poolside skimmer basket. For those concerned about suction flow to the pump, suspending the sock near a return jet or from a floating device will also suffice. Best never to allow undissolved granules to rest directly against the pool surface. Squeeze the sock periodically to help it dissipate. Once dissolved, consider your CYA adjusted to that programmed (target) level. CYA test readings should show a rise in 24-48 hours, however some pools may experience a longer delay to fully register. Best to confirm final CYA in about 5-7 days before adding any more stabilizer/conditioner.