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Jun 27, 2019
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First full winter with our pool just want to verify my process. The water temp is around 48 so the SWCG is off. At the moment my CYA is 60 (it’s come down from the 70 it was in summer when the SWCG was running) so should I keep my FC at the 7-9 target range for a non-SWCG pool as opposed to the 4 for SWCG pool?
Also, I’m using 10% liquid chlorine to maintain FC. Also, have noticed with the SWCG off the ph has been stable at 7.8 and TA has been staying at 60.
Since we haven’t had much rain CH is still a bit high at 600. It has come down from 650. Pool math is showing a CSI of -.27



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May 3, 2014
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All correct. If you see a rain storm coming drain off a couple inches of water.
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