Cover like Loop-loc that homeowner can purchase/install...


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Loop-Loc is available for self install. I bought mine from and installed it myself. Very straightforward. IMO, the keys are accurately measuring the pool and patience when figuring out where the holes need to be. And a hammer drill. Buy one if you don't have one.

I'll be glad to share my minimal wisdom and experience if you have questions.


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May 3, 2009
I got mine from in the swim...they had a payment plan that was nice. Split it up into six monthly payments for us... no interest or anything...just hit the credit card six months in a row. Helped us out at the time since it was a good deal of money for a pool our size.
Installed myself also.
Hammer drill is a must for sure. You have to know what you decking is though...I just went to home depot for a masonry bit and that didn't work well at all.
There are stones mixed into the crete that is my decking and they didn't wanna budge so it took me a long while to install mine and multiple drill bits and drills to get my 40ish holes drilled. If your crete is just a plain mix with no stones it should go real fast. No idea what size your pool is, but hopefully you won't need as many holes as I did. I have a large irregular shaped pool.
As was said before measure it all twice. You can get the forms to measure online: ... E_2005.pdf
They also have an instant quote feature:
Not saying you have to buy from them, but multiple quotes can't hurt!
We held off after asking for a quote for a little while and got them to come down some, but again our pool is large, irregular and needed a custom cover. If yours is a simple rectangle you won't be paying nearly so much for it anyway.
We did solid with cover pump since we live in the woods basically. Water was crystal clear in spring.
Very happy with the cover after all is said and done though.

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